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5Volt USB power supply

This is a usb powersupply for iphone or samsung.

The plug, the yellow part is a transformer and the usb plug on the right

The standingparts are capacitors that are here to stabilize the voltage

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Apple Ipod FM transmitter

This is an old apple ipod fm transmitter.

Used to transmit the sound on your radio.

The ipod fm transmitter microcontroller.

The quarz and two buttons

The red and blue wire seem to be bug fixes when the engineers did an error in their design

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Iphone 6s dismantled interior view not yet a teardown.

This is the photo Apple showed of the interior of the Iphone 6s. We will soon show the teardown of it.

inside the iphone6s not yet a full tear down
inside the iphone 6s not yet a full teardown